About Us

We are aimed to be the best plant providing company

Bringing the high standard and good quality plants for customers our team is working hard. Selling plants online and creating a huge market for customers was a big challenge but we make it with our great strategic plan and the hard work of our team. Making the green and serve the community in this regard is our top priority.

Providing indoor and outdoor plants to our clients and teach them about the care of plants is also part of our policy because we want our customers to take good care of plants after buying. This is how we can keep our plants to stay alive and give significance to nature. The right amount of light and water is the major part in keeping it stays longer.

The market of plants is rapidly growing in UAE because it is the best way to reduce the temperature. It will take some time to make UAE green but together we can make it happen.


We have gained our client’s trust with great quality of plants.


 We delivered plants to customers without and damage.

Online Support 24/7

Green UAE provide online customer support 24/7 and on-time delivery

Our Team

Each person of our team has sufficient knowledge of plants and its handling.

Our Mission

To make our planet green and contribute to nature with the best quality of plants.

Our Vision

Our vision is to keep everyone aware of the importance of plants and greenery.

What can we do for you ?

We are trying to adopt the new ways of bringing plants in the market but keeping their freshness alive.  Green UAE makes sure to continue the culture of greenery gong and making our planet clean. It is the best way to keep the oxygen of our planet clean and serve our generations.

Our top priority is to serve the community with high standards of quality. Being an online plants market we have been a big supplier of different species of plants in a residential areas, industrial areas and other commercial markets.

Freshness and fast delivery is the key that our clients are visiting and ordering from us again and again. Fast delivery is the reason to deliver fresh plants to clients as soon as possible.

Our plants caring team is specialist in taking care of plants. We guide our customers as well, so that they will have knowledge to keep their plants for a long time.

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