Canna indica or Canna Green


Max Height: 1.5-2.2m

Spread: 0.5m

Origin: S. America

Family: Cannaceae

Common Name: Canna Lily, Indian Shot

Flower Colour: Red

Drought Tolerance: Low

Salinity Tolerance: Medium

Sun Tolerance: Medium

Wind Tolerance: Medium

Water Requirement: High

PH Level: Basic

Pest Tolerance: Medium

Disease Tolerance: Medium

Growth Rate: Fast

Fragrance: No



Canna indica or Canna Green is rhizomatous perennial with ovate-lance-shaped to oblong, dark green, often bronze-tinted leaves, to 50cm long. Racemes or panicles of iris-like, bright red or soft orange flowers, 5-7cm across. Height 1.5-2.2m, Spread 50cm. Native to tropical and subtropical South America.


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