Ficus Lyrata (Fiddle Leaf Tree) Single stem


Care Tips:

Light: a brightly lit spot is needed without direct sunlight, although a small amount of daily sun is good (not mid afternoon sun).

Watering: water when the top soil becomes slightly dry and reduce watering during the colder season.

Soil: a good draining potting mix

Humidity: average

Pro Tip: remove the dust from the leaves on regular basis



Ficus Lyrata, also known as Fiddle Leaf Fig, has large leathery leaves that resemble a fiddle.

Fiddle Leaf Fig likes high humidity and a bright spot. As most trees, it doesn’t like changes in the environment or regular repotting. Ficus Lyrata should be allowed to become pot-bound.

This plant is about 80-100cm tall and comes in a regular nursery pot.


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